20 March 2014

Exploring Atlantis 4: Meet the PCs Part 3

The next player character belongs to JC. She is playing a priestess of Athena, so this is a good opportunity to talk a little about how gods and religion work in Atlantis: The Second Age.

  In Atlantis, anyone can call on the gods. However, priests are better at it than most other people, thanks to the Talent: God's Ear. In order to win a god's favor, a character must make a successful sacrifice to the god. This will earn the character Hero Points, which must be used within a number of days equal to the characters Charisma score.

 Characters can also purchase the Talent: Dominion Access. This allows a character to manifest a power associated with a god's dominion. For example, JC's character, Phoibe, wishes to determine which one of a tavern's patrons was involved in a nearby robbery. Determine Guilt is a major ability in the dominion of Law of Phoibe's primary god, so it would cost 6 Hero Points to invoke. Phoibe prays to Athena and looks the patrons in the eyes. The thief's guilt is evident to her. In addition, Phoibe also has access to the minor abilities of one of Athena's dominions for free. This is a permanent choice, and cannot be changed later.

Name: Phoibe        Profession: Priest
Race: Human   Culture: Hellene     Age: 26    Renown: 0

Attributes:   Str +1  Dex +1   Con +1  Spd 0   Int +1  Per +0  Wil +1  Cha +3 
Combat Rating +2  Magic Rating +1  Wealth Rating +2 
Hit Points 21   Hero Points  8  (1 in Fire, 1 in Earth, 2 in Air, 2 in Water, 1 in The Void, 1 in Empyrean)

Skill Levels:
 Animal Handling 2  Influence 4  Investigate/Search 5  Languages: Atlantean 5, Hellene 10, Lemurian 3  Literacy: Hellene 3, Atlantean 4  Lore: Theology 10,  Folklore 1, Herb lore 2, Agriculture 1  Medicine 8  Parry 1  Profession: Priest 10  Resolve 5  Ride 1  
Unarmed Fighting 1  Weapon: Gun 0, Heavy 0, Melee 2, Ranged 1, Thrown 0

 Talents: God's Ear, Dominion Access, Righteous Words

Disadvantages:  Relationship: Followed by a mysterious group with unknown motives
                              Internal:  Sacred vows to Athena
                              External: Susceptibility to alcohol

Destiny: To be Athena's greatest priestess, and found a temple school in her name

Walking the Life Paths.  Phoibe had a rural Upbringing whose parents were laborers (farmers).  She had a Childhood Encounter where she "Met and was mentored by a wizened slave who claimed to be a king from a faraway land. He gave her his only possession, a trinket, and told her it would make her Queen." Family Status brought the result "Family is blessed by the gods for some past deed done by your ancestors." Phoibe went through the Previous Adventures section 3 times. By the end, Phoibe  had traveled the world in search of knowledge and the truth, solved a math equation that unlocked the untapped recesses of her mind, and was allowed to study the sacred tomes of Aesculapius, becoming more skilled in medicine.

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