28 March 2014

Exploring Atlantis 6: The Greek Pantheon Part 2

Here are a few more Greek gods for Atlantis: The Second Age.
(Part 1, Part 3)

Persona: Poseidon is the god of the sea, fresh water, earthquakes, and horses. He is the father of many heroes. Poseidon is
impulsive, wrathful, lusty, and competitive. He is one of the three supreme gods of the Greek pantheon. Poseidon is usually armed with a trident, and often rides in a chariot drawn across the surface of the sea by brazen hoofed horses.
Symbol: The dolphin and the trident
Aegae and Olympus
Dominion: Water, Earth
Precepts: Compete for what you want, even if it currently belongs to another.
                  Protect that which is yours.
                  Do not let a slight go unanswered.
                  Do not harm a dolphin.
                  Water is sacred. Do not pollute it. 

Persona: Dionysus is the god of grapes, wine, ecstasy, and madness. He is the patron of theater. Dionysus is
hedonistic, riotous, uninhibited, and inspirational. He usually travels with a procession of
maenads (wild women). Dionysus is usually armed with a thyrsus, and often rides in a chariot drawn by exotic beasts, such as leopards, lions, bulls, and griffons.
Symbol: The thyrsus (a fennel staff tipped with a pine cone) the cup, and the grape vine.
Dominion: Fertility, Moon
Precepts: Reward hospitality when you travel.
                  Celebrate freely.
                  Do not let the uninitiated view the Mysteries of worship.
                  Do not cut down a grape vine.
                  Wine is sacred. Do not refuse it. 

Persona: Hera is the goddess of women, marriage, childbirth, and the night sky. She is alternately a patron or foe of many heroes. Hera is jealous
, vengeful, solemn, and majestic. She is the wife of Zeus, whom she often advises, and queen of the Greek gods. Hera usually wears a crown and veil, and often rides in a chariot drawn by cattle.
Symbol: The
pomegranate, the cow, and the cuckoo
Dominion: Fertility, Law
Precepts: Offer counsel to those in need of it.
                  Render aid to any woman during childbirth.
                  Do not harm a woman in a temple of Hera.
                  Do not let a slight go unanswered.
                  Marriage is sacred. Do not dishonor it.

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