18 April 2014

Exploring Atlantis 9: Meet the PCs Part 4

(Here are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

I haven't finished introducing all of the player characters yet.  Next up is YD's character, Ulhurr. Ulhurr is an Uluka, or Owlman. The Owlmen are one of the Andaman races created by the Atlanteans as specialized soldiers and servants after their failure with the Nethermen race. There are a variety of other Andaman races including Nemeans (lion-men), Anubim (jackal-men), Asena (wolf-men), Balam (jaguar-men), Tritons (gill-men), and Taurans (Minotaurs or bull-men).

All Andamen share certain traits regardless of species. The blood of an Andaman, when mixed with milk and fed to the type of animal the Andaman was created from, will tame the animal, making it easier to train and loyal to that Andaman. All Andamen are allergic to silver and take extra damage from it. Andamen are at a social disadvantage when dealing with Atlanteans and have a natural reluctance to attack them. Andamen who are not Nemeans also are at a social disadvantage when dealing with Nemeans. These traits are believed to be side effects of magic used to create the Andamen or to have been bred into them deliberately by the Atlanteans.

The Uluka's racial abilities include swift and silent flight, a limited ability to communicate with birds, excellent hearing and vision, and the ability to operate in an oxygen poor environment for extended periods.
Name: Ulhurr        Profession: Scout
Race: Uluka (Owlman)   Culture: Curracurrang     Age: 27    Renown: 0

Attributes:   Str +1  Dex +1   Con 0  Spd +3   Int +1  Per +2  Wil +1  Cha 0 
Combat Rating +2  Magic Rating +1  Wealth Rating +1 
Hit Points 18   Hero Points  5  (1 in Fire, 1 in Earth, 1 in Air, 1 in Water, 0 in The Void, 1 in Empyrean)

Skill Levels:
Atheltics 5  Evade 9  Handicraft: Bowyer/Fletcher 2  Influence 2  Instinct: Initiative 3 Languages: Atlantean 10  Literacy: Atlantean 3  Lore: Engineering 5  Parry 4  
Perform: Dance 2  Profession: Guide 10  Resolve 1  Stealth 10  Tracking/Shadowing 5 
Unarmed Fighting 2  Weapon: Gun 0, Heavy 0, Melee 7, Ranged 10, Thrown 0

 Talents: Advanced Missile Training

Disadvantages:  Relationship: His brother is an enemy
                              Internal:  Claustrophobia
                              External: Bad Luck

Destiny: To bring the Curracurrang culture to a level of civilization equal to any in the world

Walking the Life Paths.  Ulhurr had a savage Upbringing and was the child of a retired Hero.  He had a Childhood Encounter where he "Watched a god renew his life force in a Vril pool. When he looked upon the god's true form and began to burn, the god took mercy on him and saved him from the awesome sight." Family Status brought the result "Family lost all wealth through betrayal or mismanagement." Ulhurr went through the Previous Adventures section 3 times. By the end, Ulhurr had made an enemy of his brother by causing him to lose face (He exposed the fact that his brother was responsible for the family's lost fortune.), fought pirates in the Saharan Sea and "threw a spear through ten men…or at least that’s how the story goes", and discovered a little known fact during his academic studies, becoming skilled in engineering.

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