14 February 2014

Day 14 D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop: Did you meet your significant other while playing D&D

Technically, I suppose my answer to this question should be "No". I did not meet my significant other while playing D&D. However, I did meet her because I played D&D. 

A few posts back, the topic was about the first store you bought your gaming supplies from. If you can remember the first time you walked into an actual game store, I'm sure you can recall how fantastic it was. (It was for me, anyway). Here was a place filled with games. Games you had never even heard of. Wargames! Roleplaying games! Dice! Miniatures! Painting supplies! The people in the store all shared your hobby. It was great. But my store held an additional attraction: The Girl Behind the Counter.

She was smart. She was funny. She was beautiful. And she played role playing games. I was instantly smitten. The only problem, I thought to myself, was that it was inconceivable that she wasn't already involved with someone.

Of course, I was right.  

And so, I waited. And shopped. For a long, long time.

While I waited, I got to know the individuals at the store. The employees, the regulars, even some of their children. I played games at the store. I ran games at the store. I brought my friends to the store. I bought a lot of product.  

During this time, The Girl Behind the Counter became the Assistant Manager and then the Manager of the store. We became friends. 

Then one day she was available, and for reasons I don't completely understand,  did not immediately shoot me down when I expressed my feelings for her.

We have been married for over 18 years at this point. We still game together once or twice a week with our friends. And I still don't completely understand how I lucked out.

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